Easy working in a team in big annotation projects

While working on big annotation project it is important to be able to collaborate with your coworkers. It decreses the time required to label the data and increases the productivity. Enabling your employees to work together can be a challenging task when it comes to the technical part. The technical side needs to suit your needs to guarantee the effectiveness of working as a team.

Potential ways to solve the issues

There are a lot of ways to solve the issues connected with big annotation projects stated above. Most of them involve some technical way to simplify the way your employees can colabborate. It also helps to define logical steps to split the whole annotation project down to more smaller steps.

Heres a fast look at the most important topics:

  • Synchronize Data
  • Transfer Data
  • Home-Office and working remotely
  • Improve communication between coworkers
  • Structured working

Synchronize data

Whenever employees work together on the same project with the same data it is essential to synchronize your data. You need to make sure the employees dont block each other or overwrite each others data. The goal is to develop a system which is flexible enough to handle the data the correct way. It needs to allow your employees to collaborate with each other whenever its needed while also making sure they can work on their own.

Multi user big annotation Project
Working with multiple users with one annoation project

Transfer large data

When it comes to rate the efficency of a project time is always an important factor. To keep this factor as low as possible its necessary to develop a smart system to transfer your data. The difficulty here is that you may need to transfer a huge number of files. The size of every file can be problematic aswell. You need a system which handels big data just as well as small data.

Image Cache
Image Cache System for faster working in Home Office

Home-Office and working remotely

Many companys allow there employees to work from any place they want. The employee can work from his workspace at the office, from his desk at home or from whereever he wants to. A modern system needs to be able to allow the user to work from whichever device they are using as long as they are able to somehow connect to the companys network. To enable your employees to do so you need to analyse which methods may be the best for your company.

There are a lot of ways to connect to an existing network and you need to find the one which suits your company the most. While allowing your employees to connect to your companys network you also need to ensure that the software you are using is working correct aswell. The software need to work properly regardless of the device which connects to it and what data it has on it.

Improve communication between coworkers

Improving the way your employees can communicate and collaborate with each other is one of the most effective ways to improve your companys productivity. Fast and easy ways to communicate are used more frequently which makes them very effective. Your software can help here aswell. It can offer diffrent ways to communicate for example it can allow the user to leave a comment function so every employee can leave a note to the specific piece of data and every other coworker can see it and respond to it.

Comments and Description
Comments and descriptions for Workflows, TrainSets & DNN Classses

Structured Working

Simple and logic Structures ease the work for your employees. It also helps with new employees to understand the systems faster and keeps your system flexible for updates overall. In addition defining smaller steps keeps the structure for your employees transparent. Software can implement the structure you defined before. It can adapt to your structures and allow your employees to work with it and use it. Controling and Interacting with your structure safes a lot of time which can be used to focus in the most important things.

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